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Janet Williams

Janet Williams

Designer & Creative Director

The “us” at Delta Blue Studio would be designer and creative director Janet Williams, art director Joyce Boland, and a roster of talented writers, illustrators, photographers and others we bring in as needed on specific projects. So you could say we are lean, but definitely not mean.

In fact, we are proud to say our clients describe us as easy to work with, collaborative, responsive, and a rare right brain/left brain asset to their businesses.

As a teenager, Janet thought her strength was in the sciences (left brain) until an art teacher said she had a definite knack for graphic design (right brain). The seed was planted. So, in college, Janet eventually decided to major in graphic communication and minor in consumer behavior. This combination proved to be the ideal foundation for her advertising career and for the eventual formation of Delta Blue Studio in 2003.

Janet knows both sides of the advertising and marketing supply chain. She provided art direction for the in-house marketing department of a major corporation, Dunn & Bradstreet. From there she joined an ad agency in Tampa, Florida where she rose to the position of VP/Creative Director. Today, she is the driving force behind Delta Blue Studio, a graphic design and branding firm with a long list of satisfied customers in a diverse range of industries.

We’d like you to be one of them.


Florida Certified Minority Vendor (WBE)Florida Certified Minority Vendor (WBE)

How we work

Delta Blue Studio works with marketing directors, ad agencies, business owners, corporate management and others to determine exactly who their customers are, discover the best way to reach them, and generate sales. You tell us your situation, share your research and experience, and then we will coalesce that information into a strategic solution that solves your problem. We can work with your in-house marketing department, seamlessly use elements created by your out-of-house ad agency, and serve as your graphics studio and advertising partner.

Our Name?

Curious about the origin of the Delta Blue Studio name?
Then let’s talk. I’d love to share it with you.

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