It’s always nice when you land on the perfect stock image to communicate and match up with your marketing message. After all, it’s so quick and easy. The drawback, of course, is that many other companies can use that same image. And what if your services can’t be articulated with stock imagery? That’s when my client decided that they needed custom art and contacted us.

This art campaign consisted of 6 unique custom illustrations and required that we dig deep to gain a greater understanding of their products, services and customers. 

The marketing director provided input from their scientists and researchers. We asked a lot of questions (there are no dumb ones in this context). The planning and strategy was done through hand drawn sketches before we started the digital art process. As creative director, I was able to bring in the perfect illustrator for this project who had prior experience working for NASA. The tie between space exploration and finding a cure for cancer turned out to be a very interesting visual parallel and reflected the M2GEN brand well.

The main purpose of the custom art was to use as the main hero image on their profile sheets communicating the health informatics solutions that M2GEN offers to the medical oncology community. We added custom information graphics to highlight the rich data and content within these profile sheets. We extended the use of the illustrations for their website, social media graphics and built the art so that it could be enlarged for wall displays within their offices (re-purposing is a beautiful thing).

We had to gain a certain understanding of the scientific data in order to translate it to art that made sense to the scientific community. The project put me in my happy place because I’ve always been a bit of a science nerd.

As a graphic design studio, we partner with in-house marketing teams, advertising agencies and small businesses to bring their ideas to life. We’re lean but definitely not mean and are a valuable resource to a variety of companies. We have a stable of professional writers, photographers and illustrators that we bring in on an as-needed basis. We can extend the capacity of in-house teams or, with some companies; we are their in-house team (working remotely).